Dec 04, 2020 | Updated: 08:53 PM EST

Google Assistant Can Now Hit PCs With AutoVoice Chrome Extension Update

May 04, 2017 06:40 PM EDT


Google assistant now available on PC with Chrome browser and AutoVoice extension. João Dias' Auto Voice extension update for the Google Chrome browser with recently released Google Assistant SDK allows the user to integrate the voice command technology into PC.

According to XDA Developers, Google recently released the Google Assistant SDK for the developers and manufacturers to bring Google Assistant to the devices. It is reported that the many third party companies started to use the platform in their products. However, it was only one popular Android developer known as João Dias' recently modified the sample code and injected it into their Google Chrome extension. It is reported that the task left by Google was a crucial one. 

It is reported that 'AutoVoice' is the one develop by Dias and it has a Chrome extension which allows the user to send voice commands to the phone straight from the browser. It was the real ability of Dias, who could manage to modify Google's sample Google Assistant SDK code integrate right into the AutoVoice Chrome extension, which allows the user to trigger Google Assistant right from your PC.

According to Android Authority, the users can check the demonstration video posted below in-order to bring the Google assistant with voice commands. It is reported that the before heading towards step-by-step procedure from João Dias', there is need to set up google assistant on the device by following the procedure mentioned by the XDA Developers.

After setting up the Google assistant, it is reported that user shall run some command line prompts to install the AutoVoice extension. It is required to set up the wake-up command for Google Assistant to any phrase that the user likes, such as "Hey Google." It is also required to enable the AutoVoice Chrome extension with an 'always listening' and 'wake up expression' modes. Finally, the user can call on to Google assistant through voice commands.

The Joaoapps website gives an extra information suggesting that the Google Assistant process will trigger Google Assistant if the user access http://localhost:6006/wakeup on the PC and by which the user can trigger Google Assistant from anywhere by accessing that URL.


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