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Qualcomm V/S Apple: Qualcomm Wants To Place Import Bans On The iPhone Models

May 04, 2017 06:30 PM EDT

Qualcomm aims to pursue the import ban of iPhones in the US. Amidst the Qualcomm v/s Apple feud, the current situation between Qualcomm and Apple is frosty. Qualcomm wants to place an import ban on iPhones which would mean that the flagship Apple phones would not be able to reach US shores. 

This stems from the fact that Apple recently has stopped paying royalty fees to Qualcomm, and Bloomberg reported that Qualcomm sees this as a clear violation of intellectual property rights. The Qualcomm v/s Apple feud has been going on for quite some time and Qualcomm meanwhile is preparing to get the Internation Trade Commission to their cause and stop the iPhone. 

The iPhone is built in Asia, and Qualcomm's move, if successful, would render in Apple incurring huge losses for iPhone 8 as sales in US would go down. In the midst of the ongoing lawsuit on Apple made by Qualcomm, Apple recently sued Qualcomm. FTC recently complained that Qualcomm was guilty of anticompetitive practices.

Apple mentioned that Qualcomm is overcharging for technologies that they do not own. Ever since then Qualcomm has countersued Apple saying that Apple breached licensing agreements and that Apple made false statements. Qualcomm also mentioned that Apple was encouraging attacks on Qualcomm's business in multiple countries. 

According to a previous report, Qualcomm argues that the iPhone could not have been such a success without Qualcomm's fundamental cellular technologies. After this Apple stopped paying a royalty to Qualcomm and confirmed that no further payments will be made until a court figured out how much Apple owed, and if any of those payments were actually deserved by Qualcomm.

Meanwhile, the Qualcomm v/s Apple feud has received considerable attention from the world media and has divided the masses into either supporting Apple or standing with Qualcomm. If Qualcomm pulls through, it means that Apple loses a massive chunk of its market.


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