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Microsoft Ready To Separate The Update Ties Between Windows 10 & Edge

May 04, 2017 06:13 AM EDT

Microsoft has decided to cut the update ties of its Windows 10 operating system and default browser Edge. To compete with the Google's Chrome browser, Microsoft is ready to cut the update ties. This means the Edge browser can be refreshed more often by company's developers.

According to Neowin, at its #MicrosoftEDU event, the company is expected to unveil Windows 10 Cloud. This is believed to be a direct competitor to the Chromebooks for educational purposes. This is where Microsoft thinks the default browser on Windows 10 needed to be up to the standards of the Chrome browser. The Chrome browser is refreshed frequently and seamlessly with Google but the Edge browser of Windows 10 doesn't get more than two updates in a year.

But in September, when the Redstone 3, the next feature update to Windows 10 will be released, the company will separate the update features. Then the user will be able to get the updates of Edge browser through the Windows Store. The developers of the company will be able to roll out new features more often.

This doesn't mean that the users will be able to uninstall the Edge browser from their Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft has been working on possibilities to make the Edge browser more attractive towards users. In last year's anniversary updates, the company announced the browser extension and better tab management features. It also hopes to win over users with more of these types of upgrades.

According to Computer World, since the launch of Windows 10, the Edge browser has always been updated with the OS; twice a year. Until now there has been four refreshed versions of Edge, the original version that came out with the OS in July 2015, dubbed version 12, version 13 of November 2015, August 2016's version 14 and the version 15 of April 2017.

The move to separate Edge with Windows 10 update could prove to be fruitful for Microsoft. This would let Microsoft promote Edge as a primary browser after they scrapped the internet explorer and make it a direct competition to rival popular browsers.

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