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Rovio CEO Rides High On Revenue Earnings Of 'Angry Birds'

May 04, 2017 04:22 PM EDT


Rovio Entertainment is riding high on success with a whopping profit collection of 5.2 million Euro. This, in fact, is the earning of the company in the first quarter of 2017. If numbers are to be believed, the total amount of revenue collected by the "Angry Birds" initiating firm has been 66.3 million Euro. Rovio has reached the peak of popularity after the creation of the popular game "Angry Birds" and its successive sequels that managed to become a great hit among all gamers. 

According to Gamasutra, if gamers take a look at the revenue statistics of the gaming firm it has been noticed that "Angry Birds" 2 along with "Angry Birds" Blast, the successors of the "Angry Birds" series have been major revenue earners for Rovio. The profit margin recorded by the "Angry Birds" initiator Rovio has been 0.9 million Euro more than the previous quarter which is quite an accomplishment. There is no denying the fact that the company's game business has posed to be a boon for the profit making aspect of the enterprise.

According to Tech Investor News, a certain deal of revenue incurred by Rovio has even been from the "Angry Birds" movie released last May. Be it the game or the movie, Kati Levoranta, CEO of Rovio Entertainment is presently riding high on the success of his enterprise. There are fans galore when it comes to the gaming world. Game fanatics are always in search of something new and enticing to add on to their collection. The expansion of the series of "Angry Birds" has worked in the definite favor of the firm.

The whopping number for the Rovio biz currently stands at 8.8 million Euro with a revenue profit of 56.6 million Euro. It is this mammoth revenue that has managed to overshadow the losses incurred in case of brand licensing. Loved as it is, "Angry Birds" still does have a long run to complete.

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