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Facebook News: Messenger Instant Games Are Available, Gaming Goes Global

May 03, 2017 07:06 AM EDT

Facebook had announced the Instant Games for Messenger in November 2016. Right after the announcement the game was available for all users across the US. But there's a good news for other Messenger users across the globe. The games are finally out for Messenger's 1.2 billion users. As per latest reports, the complete roll out would take about a few weeks till it reaches all users.

Interestingly, rich gameplay features are all included in the gameplay experience along with game bots. These help the game developers include new things such as rewards and new levels. Even the game selection has been expanded, GSMArena reported. Depending on the user location as well as the device, users can have access to up to 50 titles.

Some of these games include 'Words with Friends', 'EverWing' and more. However, '8 Ball Pool' would be included as well. As part of Instant Games, Facebook announced it would introduce turn based play. According to The Next Web, as Facebook added, "Depending on what device you use and where you are located, there are now up to 50 game titles available on Messenger, with more being introduced almost every week."

'EverWing' is the first game that includes game bots and 'Words with Friends' feature the turn based gaming abilities of the platform. Zynga has also tried to gain influence in this mobile gaming sector after jumping from Facebook to iOS and Android. To help tie the strategy with Facebook investment bot, it has launched the Messenger bot store in April. This way the company would also use automated software to allow players to try their hands on new games to achieve high scores.

All the games available in Facebook Messenger are no downloads. Users don't need to download the games and can directly play those from Messenger itself. Also, gamers can enjoy turned based games with friends. This goes with tournament play modes and leaderboards as well. Last year Facebook launched games in Messenger across the US. These include Galaga, Pac-Man and Space Invaders.

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