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Microsoft Assuring Better Battery Life & Higher Performance Through The New Windows 10 S

May 03, 2017 05:42 AM EDT


To compete with the Google Chrome OS and to provide low budget PCs for the education sector, Microsoft launched the Windows 10 S version along with the "Surface Laptop" PCs. In an event of MicrosoftEDU, New York, Microsoft announced the latest version of Windows 10, known as Windows 10 S which supports many peripherals and devices like Windows 10.

According to GSM Arena, Microsoft's newest edition Windows 10 S is able to work in low-end computers with low hardware requirements. For students' purpose, it's built to work faster. Windows 10 S will take only 15 seconds to log in. Several reports stated that in the same hardware built, the new Windows 10 S is quicker than the Windows 10 Pro. Microsoft has also assured the better battery life and higher performance through it. Again, it's also confirmed that the schools will configure multiple machines through one USB drive and will get Windows 10 S for free if they were using Windows 10 Pro previously.

Reports stated that Windows 10 S will automatically run the PC in the predetermined format with one simple plugging in. It's been deciphered that the Microsoft's only goal with Windows 10 S is to create a huge number of devices by Microsoft's partners, which will run the latest version. So, Acer and HP are also releasing school-purpose laptops with Windows 10 S, cost $299.

According to Business Insider, in line with Microsoft Windows boss Terry Myerson, in Windows 10 S, the 'S' stands for streamlined, significant performance and security along with the symbol, "Soul" of the system. Further analysis indicated that the Windows 10 S came along with a pact- apps on the Windows 10 S will only be downloaded through Windows store, built in Windows 10. That means no third-party app will be available. It will decrease the chance of getting the virus, increase the system's performance, longevity as well as boot the PCs quickly.

So this summer, students will get the new Windows 10 S in education PCs starting with $189 along with free subscription in Education Edition and Microsoft Office 365. The cool thing about Microsoft Windows 10 S is if students are not satisfied with its limitation, paying a minimal fee they can upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro, anytime anywhere.

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