May 15, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

Breach Of Apple Security By macOS Sends Ripples Across Tech World

May 02, 2017 05:49 PM EDT

The news that has currently managed to take the tech world by storm is that there has been a substantial breach in Apple's security system. The culprit here is the MacOS Trojan Horse that has reportedly managed to breach past the Apple security system, hijacking an entire lot of traffic in the process. The malware is named as OSX/Dok by Check Point. What adds on to the agony is the fact that MAC users are in no way aware of the fact.

According to Mac World, the hijacking of traffic by OSX/Dok includes connections that are TLS or SSL-protected as well. The main process in which the MacOS malware OSX/Dok functions, is through installing a kind of local digital certificate that is able to surpass all the protections and warnings that are provided by Apple. The first firm that brought this act to notice was Check Point, a firm dealing with security analysis. Check Point claims that the main targets of the malware attack are the European users involved.

According to Follow News, it was a valid Apple Developer's certification that led to the authentication of the MacOS malware. However, there has been reported news of such cases having occurred earlier. Apple, on the other hand, confirmed that there has been no bypassing of the gatekeeper as such by the MacOS. The silent malware detection system of Apple is said to have been upgraded to prevent such malicious acts from taking place in the near future.

Apart from the above-mentioned facts, extracting and launching of unexpected files by users have also been a valid cause for such acts of MacOS malware OSX/Dok. There were, however, two exceptional cases of Trojan horses where the hacked versions were replaced by the original ones by people who downloaded as well as installed them.

An extreme level of caution needs to be maintained by every MAC user in the process of launching files tax, other authorities or law enforcement. These happen to be the prime target areas of the MacOS.

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