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Samsung News: Galaxy S8 Users Complain Of Screen Burn & It’s Not Only Home Button

May 02, 2017 12:44 PM EDT

Last week, the most talked about topic on gadget was about Samsung Galaxy S8's home button. This is because it has slightly changed its position without giving hint to the users. However, the latest feature was mainly included to prevent the burn in problem with the device screen. As per the tech world suggestion, this would prevent the screen from burning.

Sadly, this was not the case and even change in place of the home button was of no help. The latest reports suggest that Samsung Galaxy S8 is susceptible to burns. One of the users from Korea has mentioned about his ordeal with the device. In fact, the user complained of the burn- in issue within a week of buying the device.

A Samsung regional office has rubbished all the claims of burn in images. According to Samsung Seol spokesperson, "An algorithm to prevent burn-ins is already equipped...Whether the consumer's claim turns out to be true or not remains to be seen. At the moment, we are not receiving reports of other cases."

What really matters is the fact that there aren't many techniques to repair screen with burnt images. The easiest way would be either to replace the screen or the device, PhoneArena reported. Earlier too Samsung Galaxy S8 came up with issues such as red tint on screen. However, it was fixed with an update.

According to Gadget Hacks,the claim is rather interesting as another Samsung Galaxy S8 user also mentioned about the burn-in on their device. A user named Kougeru posted an image of the problem, stating if a user displays a black- gray image, the burn-in would be clearly visible. What is extremely surprising is the fact that some users have experienced burn-in in just one month.

Additionally, the technology used in Samsung Galaxy S8 is rather susceptible to burn-in. Even though the AMOLED displays are far superior than the LCD screens, but the actual drawback to the technology is the burn-in screen. As per the tech experts, Samsung really needs to get into the root of the issue else it might lose being the comeback device.

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