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ZTE Axon 7 Latest Update: Jacked Up With 256GB MicroSD And Night Mode Setting

May 02, 2017 08:52 AM EDT


ZTE remodels their series, Axon 7 in its latest release Axon 7s which is an improvement over any other phone released by ZTE. The newly featured phone will house 256 GB MicroSD support and will have the settings for Night Mode.

Axon 7s is already a crowd favorite and has always the essential specifications to be deemed as ZTE's best launch in some time. Standing tall with a 5.5-inch display the Smartphone has a touch of elegance added to it. The updated version of Axon 7, 7s's latest update B25 is one of the few OEM Smartphone that has been powered with such updates.

As reported by Android Community, has greeted this move and ZTE's zealousness on keeping their customers happy is working well at the moment. It is not only the updates which have been so talked about, the Night Mode setting incorporated will boost up the phone's camera. There are certain issues that have been addressed as well which will look to enhance the overall performance and at the same time keep it simple.

Droid-life has listed all the improvised and new features that ZTE Axon 7s will sport. The 'Do Not Disturb' function has been optimized and the Wi-Fi calling issues which at times were callous to have been addressed to as well. Users can also disable few stock apps which will free up space and would not heat up the device. Device stability has been increased with such improvisations and miscellaneous improvements are to be seen.

However, ZTE has urged its users to remove their existing SD card while updating to have a hassle free experience. The insertion of SD card during the updates would not stop or hang the process, but will definitely slow it down.

Enthralled buyers would just need to keep calm for the next couple of days before its release. The phone's price is unclear but with ZTE's bid to keep consumers happy, it should not exceed ZTE Axon 7's initial price.

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