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Samsung Gets Approval To Test Self-Driving Car In Korea, But Denies Re-Entry To Auto Market

May 01, 2017 05:17 PM EDT


Samsung Electronics, the South Korean tech giant denies the re-entry into the automobile market once again after attaining the government approval of a test run for a self-driving car. The approval is obtained only to test run the self-driving car on an actual road in order to understand the real-time conditions.

According to the Investor, the South Korea's land Ministry approved the test run of self-driving vehicle proposal from the Samsung Electronics on May 1. It is reported that the company will actual test the self-driving vehicle in order to check the sensors and computer modules backed by artificial intelligence and the deep-learning technologies. This is claimed to improve the car's elf-driving capabilities in the respective real-time conditions.

It is reported that the nearly 20 approvals so far have been given by the government body to test run the self-driving cars from February 2016, out of which, Hyundai Motor is reported to be the first company to receive the approval.

According to Korea Herald, Samsung's self-driving test approval was obtained to carry out the software and solution development for an autonomous car as stated by the company official. It is reported that the company will use Hyundai's Grandeur sedan equipped with laser scanning devices and radar.  

"The test has nothing to do with devices development, but (is being carried out) to test software and algorithm under development by Samsung," the official said.

Samsung has chosen this car for the test because it is reported that this car is being widely used in Korea. The Ministry reports that the Samsung is currently working on developing a self-driving algorithm suitable in bad weather conditions and there are plans to develop smart auto parts such as computer modules, and sensors operated by artificial intelligence and deep learning. In addition, it is reported that the ministry has eased regulations on self-driving car tests in order to boost industry growth. Stay tuned for more updates.


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