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iPhone ASP To Rise Directly From $695 To $753: Apple equips iPhone 8 For Fall

Apr 30, 2017 07:10 PM EDT

Apple is going to release iPhone 8 with all new features like a fingerprint scanner, OLED screen and much more. This high tech phone is going to cost significantly high as it has attracted lots of buyers already.

Apple analyst through Business Insider reported that iPhone ASP can jump to $753 in 2018. Rumors are rife that apple iPhone can cost up to $1000 that is significantly pricier than Apples present lineup.With so much increasing demand and high expectation for the iPhone 8, the ASP could push up still higher.

According to 9to5mac, iPhone 7 plus is $100 more expensive than i-phone 7, so it is reasonable for Apple to sell this new OLED iPhone 8 at $100 costlier premium than iPhone 7 plus. Huberty expects that not all buyers will opt for the most expensive model, but sees that huge demand for I phone 7 plus or its successors, may stabilize the market at $750 mark.

In 2016 holiday quarter, Apple reported an ASP of $695, but the mix of high tech product headed towards more expensive iPhone 7 plus models and customers were willing to pay the hefty price for the exclusive feature( like OLED screen, bezel-less design, and double lensed dual camera) incorporated into the product

As per the Morgan Stanley report, Wall Street consensus estimates the iPhone average selling price will be $675 for the coming year. Whilst $675 is a very strong number in itself, it does appear to be a despairing target, according to BGR.

Apple is likely to launch i-phone 8 in the month of September, but shipping in large quantities may take another month or two. Because the i-phone buyers want the best and newest devices Apple may also come up with new updates to iPhone 7 and 7 plus with some improved components and wireless charging. Meanwhile, for more updates on Apple iPhone Price stay tuned with us!

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