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Smartphone Shipment Growth 201, Led By Samsung, Apple, & Chinese OEMs Group

Apr 30, 2017 09:56 AM EDT

Global smartphone shipment growth rate has shown the higher rate that is 4.3 percent during the first quarter of 2017. The more than expected growth rate is mainly led by Chinese OEMs group, Samsung, and Apple. The smartphone shipment growth rate list contains the top five vendors: Samsung, Apple, and the Chinese OEMs Huawei, OPPO, and Vivo,

According to Android Authority, International Data Corporation's latest smartphone shipment growth data stated that the worldwide smartphone shipment has shown the higher growth rate than the previous forecast (3.6 percent). It's also reported that like the previous year Samsung and Apple are holding the first and second position, though their immediate successors are the main leader Chinese OEMs group. That means because of Chinese OEMs- Huawei, Vivo, and OPPO smartphones' double-digit increase in growth rate, the smartphone shipment growth rate has become higher than ever.

The smartphone shipment growth list also depicted that the shipment volume of Samsung and Apple is better than others, where the year-over-year change is lowest in their case. It's only 0.0 percent for Samsung and 0.8 percent for Apple. While the Chinese OEMs group have lower shipment volume but highest year-over-year change, that is nearly 30 percent for OPPO, 23.6 percent for Vivo, and 21.7 percent for Huawei.

According to Network World, Reports have identified the two main reasons behind this huge uprise of smartphone shipment growth. First the huge improvement of midrange phone cameras and second, the customer's relaxation about midrange phones' app performance due to the augmented reality hardware and features. In line with IDC's research manager Anthony Scarsella- the average customers reluctantly buy popular brand's smartphones without heavy investment, because of the phone company's single premium design language which omits the gap between high and low end.

It's expected that in the second and third quarter the smartphone shipment growth rate will increase even more. Because now the Chinese OEMs group belongs to smartphone markets of only India and China and can create this huge growth change. Then when the Chinese OEMs group will enter to US market with their affordable price range and lucrative features and also Samsung and Apple will launch their warrior smartphones- Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone S8 in the fall, the Smartphone shipment growth rate will be huge.

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