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‘Tekken’ Character Roger Jr Will Be Removed As The Game Will Launch In Western Coasts

Apr 28, 2017 07:29 PM EDT


There are few established video games series that animal rights organization PETA has complained about over the years such as "StarCraft," "Battlefield," "Call of Duty," "Warhammer," and "Farming Simulator." As for now, it looks like "Tekken" will be joining the list too.

According to Tech52, "Tekken 7" has already landed in Japan two years ago, as the seventh main series entry to Bandai Namco's esteemed fight which is the first to feature on PC was due this June on the western part of the world. Whenever it arrives, the game will come without Roger Jr; the boxing kangaroo who replaced his similarly disciplined reptilian family friend Alex from "Tekken 5" onward.

Most of the developers are keen to ignore their complaints, as one studio appears to have capitulated to the demands of animal liberation activists. Complaints to Japanese game publisher Bandai Namco have already landed their mark, which now the studio is removing a boxing kangaroo named Roger Jr from their upcoming fighting game, known as "Tekken 7."

As of now, it's still unclear whether it was PETA that file against any complaints, but the executive producer Katsuhiro Harada claims sensitives towards kangaroos prompted the developers towards to omit Roger Jr. Speaking to Geek, Bandai Namco believed the controversy that surrounded the video heightened the sensitivity of animal rights activists, prompting them to complain about the Roger Jr character. Despite the fact Roger Jr's fighting macropod father Roger has featured in the "Tekken" series since its second '96 outing, Kuma the bear will still appear in "Tekken 7" all the same as it is obviously stronger than a human being.

 "Tekken 7" was scheduled to hit PCs this coming June 2, 2017, the game will be launched along with its 38 playable characters despite Roger Jr's absence. Stay tuned for more details as the game will launch in the western side of the world.

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