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Report: Musical Revamp From The Apple Hub For iOS 11 Users

Apr 29, 2017 12:00 PM EDT

 A new version of Apple music is soon to be launched that has been created to lay an extra bit of emphasis on the video content section. This will essentially include Apple's own version of video programming. Apple has been known to make a certain deal of effort towards its videos via the documentaries in Cash Money Records, Clive Davis and a few others.

According to Tech Crunch, Apple might be able to host over 10 live shows in the year to come. The makeover can prove to be an absolute turning point for Apple since it has been looking forward to expand its platform in the music arena. However, before we move into further discussion, it needs to be known that Apple is expecting to launch a completely new version of the iOS known as the iOS 11 operating system. The launch is to be expected to take place in the month of June.

According to IOE Business, the existing music section of Apple is not up to the mark. One needs to take a tour of the Browse section in the app in order to reach the destination folder. Thus, the musical revamp for iOS 11 is expected to be more of a boon for it as a whole. Jimmy Lovine, Apple's music head has been laying more importance on music videos and their making. He has even been in talks about taking these videos outdoor for shoots.

Creating the way that will help in the easy surfacing of music videos of a specific genre has proved to be of great importance. This will not just help in increasing the convenience of people using the Apple app, but will also help in saving a lot of time. To sum it up as a whole, the iOS 11 version of Apple is expected to be one with a much superior approach to the music section as a whole.

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