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iPhone 7s Debut Is Tactical As Apple Buys Time For A Delayed iPhone 8 Release

Apr 28, 2017 06:05 PM EDT

Right now, Apple has been gaining attention for its upcoming iPhone 8. Most believe that it will suffer delays and the OLED display screen supply is being singled out as the culprit. Apple’s redesigned flagship will be supported by two TFT-LCD-backed devices in the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, new models which are more than sure of debuting this September.

But the problem right now is that most are dazed by the upcoming iPhone 8, overshadowing the value of the iPhone 7s line. That could be true now but the scenario could change once it is time for Apple to reveal its new phone offerings, Forbes suggests.

Assuming that the usual September release if followed, most have overlooked the fact that at least two phones are sure of appearing with the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. It may not be in the limelight but the reality of it all is that it will be the new device actually out. Some may consider getting one while others may opt to wait. With no timetable, that could be a long wait.

The word out is that the iPhone 8’s earliest time to come out would be December. The worst case scenario would be to see it by March 2018, BGR reported. Assuming that the debut would be the latter, this means that the iPhone 7s would be the top dog for the next six months or so.

The iPhone 8 will still plague the grapevine for that duration though criticism and reviews on the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus are likely to come out as well. With something tangible, consumers could be swayed to rethink the wait and get the iPhone 7s and then probably trade it in or sell it later.

Hence, the iPhone 7s roll out is turning out to be a tactical move. Not only does it buy the iPhone 8 coming time, it also ensures that Apple has a new device in the market. The TFT-LCD display may be a downside but other features could steal the show so watch out for it.

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