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Windows 10 Creators Update’s Hidden Preset Desktop Themes Are Just A Click Away

Apr 28, 2017 05:47 PM EDT

The Windows 10 Creators update has had its share of problems though the bugs seem to be isolated on older machines. While there may only be a handful of users who have successfully applied the patch, the good news is that they can start enjoying some of the perks.

One of them includes desktop personalization, meaning users already running their devices on the Windows 10 Creators update can access over 175 preset desktop themes and use them as they please. But the question users are asking where to get them. The Windows Store will likely be the first place most will head to but a search could return nothing more than apps and other items.

Some may patiently skim through the results of their search at the store but the truth is they are using the first approach. Heading over to the Settings app is the gateway to accessing the 175 desktop themes. There is a link at the settings that directs folks to the actual Windows Store holding themes, PC World reported.

For the benefit of folks still struggling with the Windows 10 setting, all one has to do is click “Start” and select the cog icon located at the lower left corner of the menu. Once there, simply head on over to “Personalization” option and then select “Themes.” Scrolling down a bit will show the “Apply a Theme” which will eventually lead most to the “Get more themes” link that will direct folks to the store.

Once done, Windows 10 machine owners can go over the 175 desktop themes available. All one has to do is select and click and the theme will be installed. Take note that descriptions may not be detailed so it could all depend on which one captures the fancy of Windows 10 users, the Windows Blog reported.

After the Windows 10 themes have been installed, users just have to go through the same process of heading on over to the Settings –Personalization – Themes and use the “Apply a theme” change the desktop presentation. Further tweaks like changing colors can be done. If so, it is advisable that folks save the theme under a different name to preserve the original one.

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