May 12, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

Google iOS Search Update: Finding Streaming Content Gets Easier

Apr 29, 2017 06:42 PM EDT

An updated version of Google iOS search will now help the customers to find TV shows, movies, and songs on the streaming providers very easily. This includes various marketplaces like- iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, Google Play, Spotify etc. The latest feature which is announced by Google is that the Google iOS search option will show the services' icons. Customers will be able to click that icon and also will be directed to the safest site where she/he can unimpededly enjoy the media.

According to Engadget, finding streaming media contents through Google iOS search have become more fun. This searching feature is already available on android and desktop. Several reports stated that the upgraded version of Google iOS in Google iPhone has been very helpful. So, a question may occur- how does it work? Reports have enunciated that if a customer is searching for a movie, say- "Zootopia", at the top of the search results first the "Knowledge Box" will open up. Then the customer will find the Netflix link, Hulu or the other streaming services, including the screenshots, movie ratings, synopsis of the movie etc. The update Google iOS search will also show how much we have to pay for rent or to buy it.

Similarly, when customers will search for music in Google iPhone or in desktop, Google iOS search will provide Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora's hyperlink. The app will provide the pay structure for premium or on-demand model of the music services. Most importantly the Google iOS search results will also help us to know where we can watch or listen to the media online, through Amazon Video or iTunes.

According to App Informers, reports have reviewed that Google iOS search update has some legitimate importance. For instance, the Google iOS search has made the streaming easier. Also, when searching for media, the risk of getting the virus through an unprotected site has eloped. Most importantly the legit and safe places for finding a media, purchasing and subscription details, all we can get easily through the updated version of Google iOS search.

Google is not only trying to provide cool searching experience through Google iOS search but also making it exciting for people who use to spend enough time in the internet-world. For the users, Google iOS search update is a huge addition and an efficient way of having a more candid life.

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