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What Is Facebook Messenger Discover Tab For ‘Bots’ & How To Get Your Own Choices Featured There

Apr 28, 2017 07:01 PM EDT

 Facebook unveiled its messenger platform in 2015 at its F8 conference. Since then the company has been trying to enhance the user experience by rolling out different features. The chat bot program was always one of those, though until very recently it has not been very successful.

Recently, Facebook launched its in-app extension drawer in the messenger app. This will let users use different app extensions in personal and group chats. Chat bots are nothing but a program that mimics conversation with users through artificial intelligence. This program can change the way a user interacts with the internet.

According to TechCrunch, the new chat extension in the Facebook messenger app will let users do different things other than just chatting without closing the app or opening another one. For example, users can make a travel plan via the "Kayak travel planner" with friends without opening any additional application or searching on the internet. The Kayak extension will do the job. Similarly, sharing a "Spotify" playlist with the friends is even easier now because of the "Spotify" extension.

 There are few other extensions which will make life easier. Like watching a football game minute by minute with friends in the messenger app itself; the Score's news ticker bot does the trick. NBA, Food Network, Open Table, SnapTravel are other bots to name.

According to Venture Beat, now the interesting part is, users can make their preferred bots appear in the discover tab. To make sure you get your choices featured in the bot discover drawer, all you have to do is fill out the Discover submission form located in Page settings on Facebook. The form will determine the categories, language and the description of the bots you prefer to appear in the discover tab.

In an F8 session last week, engineer Mikhail Larionov informed the developers, "We have a set of filters and rankings to make sure only the best bots will be shown there." Emphasizing on the timing he said, "Why now? Over the first year, bot quality got much better so now we have more great bots available."


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