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AMD Releases New Drivers To Boost Performance Of The Ryzen Series

Apr 27, 2017 04:38 PM EDT


AMD has released new drivers for its Ryzen lineup, and these drivers offer a greater performance boost for the AMD Ryzen 5 and the Ryzen 7 series. AMD released the 17.10 WHQL on Wednesday which has the AMD balanced power plan. 

Ever since AMD announced the Ryzen series, it has been making headlines all over the tech world. AMD Ryzen rumors suggest that AMD is the frontrunner of being the best available processor in the market today. AMD Ryzen 7, which was released some time ago, has tipped performance charts and is being loved by content creators worldwide. 

Apart from the high end Ryzen 7, AMD also revealed the Ryzen 5, which is a midrange processor aimed primarily at gamers and creators who will be satisfied by its 6-core 12-thread architecture. AMD Ryzen rumors suggest that AMD might also reveal a Ryzen 3 series of processors in the coming months.

Meanwhile, AMD continues to release driver and software updates, and after its recent driver update, Ryzen users on Windows 10 64-bit are reporting a better performance on the testing tools. The new driver allows the Ryzen processor to take power management into its own hands.

The drivers profide the Ryzen processorwith control over the power profiles that are normally managed by the operating system. AMD Ryzen rumors state that this means a better voltage and frequency control to give applications a performance boost.

AMD Ryzen rumors suggest that in the gaming department, this driver update would be met with a significant FPS boost, as the 17.10 drivers keep all of the cores switched on for better response times. The new driver update has given Crysis 3 a 21.6% boost in performance. For Gears of War 4, the performance bump is at a responsible 16.5%.

While the drivers have given most games a three to eight percent increase in performance, AMD still has a long way to go before becoming the best processor in this gen.


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