Jun 16, 2021 | Updated: 12:40 PM EDT

Editing Texts On Your Android Devices Will Be A Lot Easier From Now

Apr 27, 2017 04:31 PM EDT

Nowadays, Google-powered android devices have become one of the most used devices in the world. The revolution started six or seven years back and since then the android os never looked back. The main reason of this, android offers many user-friendly features. Now, the editing texts on Android devices also going to be a lot easier as Google has announced an update for Gboard virtual keyboard app. Devices featuring this update will offer a lot of ease when it comes to writing and editing texts. At first, the device will be available for beta users before it comes for universal purposes.

A report in Google blog stated that the new updated feature of Gboard can be availed by tapping on the G button. In the new update of the virtual keyboard app, there will be some new icons as well. Along with, the smooth editing features, updates like improved suggestions will be included with this new update of Gboard.

According to a report in TechTub, it is said that when it comes to, cutting, copying, and pasting, this functions will be a lot easier with the new update of the Gboard virtual keyboard app. When a user selects a word, then the user can see some buttons popping up with some arrow directions. With those arrow directions, the desired functions like copy, paste, and cut can be easily chosen. At the same time, in order to make the things a lot easier the size of the buttons will be big and it will be really helpful for a user.

Though, the update for Gboard is only available for the Android operating system. But still, no updates for iOS is still available. Currently, the Gboard virtual keyboard has 500 million to 1 billion installs. It is expected that the with new updates, the virtual keyboard will become more popular and at the same time more people will install it.

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