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Facebook Owned Social Network, Instagram Has Now Reached 700 Million Users

Apr 27, 2017 04:30 AM EDT

Instagram has really emerged as one of the most popular pictures oriented social networks in last few years. This social network platform is actually owned by Facebook. Therefore, it is kind of obvious that, there will be many people who will be driven towards this social network platform. Lately, this image-based platform has reached over 700 million users. The number of users has spiked in last five or six months.

Instagram offers all different features which are available in the Snapchat. At the same time, it has brought some interesting features in the last year too. Experts believe that it can be the reason of this significant number of users on Instagram.

A report in GSM Arena stated that, Currently, Instagram has reached 700 million users. But a few months earlier, back in December Instagram had around 600 million users. Therefore, around 100 million users signed up on Instagram in just five months. Therefore, it can be surely considered as one of the significant achievement by the social networking platform.

Though Instagram is owned by the Facebook, but the number of users present in Instagram is nowhere near to the number of users on Facebook. According to Metroble, the world's largest social networking platform currently, has around 1.8 billion active users. Simultaneously, another facebook owned messenger, 'Whatsapp' currently has about 1.2 billion active users.

The main competitor of Instagram is the Snapchat. Snapchat is another image based social networking platform and at the same time, this app offers some crucial features as well. But Snapchat has not able to gain the same amount of popularity as the Instagram.

Snapchat is mainly popular in the United States, Canada, the UK and other western countries. Therefore, the number of active users on Snapchat is significantly low when it is compared to the Instagram. To be precise, Snapchat currently has about 164 million users where Instagram has about 700 million. It can be expected that Snapchat will gain more popularity in leaps and bounds in the days to come.


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