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Google Introduces Nine Additional Languages To Chrome's Neural Machine Translation

Apr 26, 2017 06:10 PM EDT

New reports suggest that Chrome for Android speaks many languages than what was previously thought. According to reports, Google has announced that it has made several upgrades which have already rolled out to its Chrome browser for Android devices.

Google stated that everyday Chrome users are able to translate more than 150 million web pages with just one click, thanks to Chrome's built-in Translate functionality. It is reported that Google Translate introduced a neural machine translation last year. The new machine translates entire sentences with the aid of deep neural networks, instead of just phrases prior to the introduction of the machine.

The company noted that they have been recording improvements and upgrades for Chrome's built-in translation for select language pairs ever since. According to HiveFire, neural machine translation will roll out to Translate in Chrome for more language pairs. The report stated that Google said Chrome has received neural machine translation for nine additional language pairs.

The new neural-machine will now be utilized for many web pages such as to and from English for Indonesian and eight other Indian languages including Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi. According to Phonescoop, this improvement would lead to higher quality translations on pages that contain many different things including song lyrics, news articles, and discussions.

The report added that the latest version of Chrome is better at translating languages and the new neural-machine translation will enhance the way websites in English read when translated into these languages. Meanwhile, Google also said that the recent addition of the nine languages has now increased the total number of languages supported by Chrome's neural machine translations to more than 20.

Prior to the recent update, the company's neural machine supports translations one-way from Spanish to English and to and from English for German, Turkish, Chinese, Hindi, French, Korean, Thai, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Portuguese. Google has promised that the neural machine translation will support more languages in the future.

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