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Microsoft May Release ARM-based 2017 Windows 10 Devices By The End Of This Year

Apr 26, 2017 05:43 PM EDT

Qualcomm and Microsoft are collaborating to make the ARM-based Windows 10 PCs. The plan was first revealed in December 2016 but very little details were provided at that time. The demo provided by the Microsoft in December 2016, showed a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 running Windows 10 without any appreciable lag. It worked fine in Edge and even booted up Photoshop in an acceptable amount of time.

As mentioned in Extreme Tech, Microsoft had earlier incorporated ARM in surface tablets running on windows RT that proved to be a business failure because theWindow RT Surface tablets lacked support for true desktop apps and were completely dependent on the so-called Modern UI apps. But now Microsoft has developed a built-in emulator that can run regular desktop apps on ARM architecture.

PC powered by an ARM SoC could run for much longer, and one chip support for cellular modem offers high-efficiency ARM based PCs. This can prove to be the good promoting factor to bring up the sales of the new ARM based windows 10 PC. It will also feature other wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth 5, and probably Wi-Gig, integrated into the Snapdragon 835 chipset.

Many of the i-pads and Chromebooks that run on ARM has declined the sales of Window laptops considerably because these devices use low-efficiency ARM chips making them more affordable to people.So, Windows badly need something powerful like Snapdragon to become successful and continue its race into the evolving world of technology. We can say that Microsofts ARM-based Windows 10 has got this opportunity to revolutionize the data and computer markets, as per Digital Trends.

Microsoft will be the first company to Launch ARM based windows and a highly portable Windows 10 machine would be a good candidate for the first generation of Windows-powered by Qualcomm hardware.However, Lenovo is also planning to design some convertible laptop. It looks like we might get an early peek into ARM-based Windows device at the Build meeting in May.

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