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Xiaomi Latest News: New Big Boss Has Ambitious Plan To Cover US Smartphone Market By 2019

Apr 26, 2017 05:42 PM EDT


Xiaomi has had its share of impressive phones but the main problem it faced was the global reach. To be specific, the U.S. consumers were having a hard time trying to get hold of a Xiaomi unit but the new man at the helm is brewing something to change all that.

Xiaomi Senior Vice President Wang Xiang succeeded Hugo Barra last January and is apparently aware of the coverage of the Chinese brand. Xiang has likely heard of the growing interest for the company’s phones in the US market and is now targeting 2019 at the latest to deliver.

That should be good news for Xiaomi potential buyers though there is work to be done first. Among them include figuring out a way to make the Xiaomi phones to support the various LTE bands which are being used in US shores, CNet reported. While that excuse makes sense, most feel that the problem lies more on the ability of the Chinese company to provide ample supply of handsets across America.

Aside from those, branding is a concern for Xiaomi. While it has been gaining attention through the years, the fact remains that the Chinese brand needs to be open to various scenarios. That includes going up head on against popular brands such as Apple, Samsung and LG.

Xiaomi has already built quite a reputation but the question is whether that would be enough for the brand to survive the competitive US market, Engadget reported. Other Chinese brands such as ZTE and Alcatel have tried before and ended up in the budget phone category. As most know, Xiaomi has become more than that thanks to its specs which some believe is up to par with Apple or even Samsung.

Xiang revealed those plans after the Xiaomi Mi 6 launch in Beijing. From all indications, targeting the US market is a bold move but however a gamble that could pay off. If not immediately, the Chinese brand could work on that, starting with high-end specs that can eventually help build its brand.

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