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Apple iCloud Latest Update: Cloud Storage Subscription Bug Fixed, Reason Behind Glitch Unknown

Apr 25, 2017 05:47 PM EDT

If Apple is to get anywhere with its iCloud services, it may want to double-check hiccups such as the one that happened earlier this week. While cloud computing solutions have become the new boom, consistency for those who pay for it is needed.

A lot of Apple iCloud users got affected when most got an email claiming that their plan was canceled, Apple Insider reported. While the plans are pretty affordable starting at $0.99/ month for 50 GB storage, these are still paid services that draw money out of people’s pockets.

Not all may have been affected by the glitch on the Apple iCloud services but the fact that the Cupertino company has not given a reasonable explanation of why it happened in the first place, 9 to 5 Mac reported. Hence, one cannot fault individuals from entertaining thoughts of hacking. It has been happening to other services and sites so there is a chance Apple may be keeping those in check to prevent consumer panic.

Apple iCloud subscribers are likely to keep confidential and important files in the Apple iCloud service and a breach in security could be devastating. Then again, it could simply be a problem internally, including the automatic emails sent to subscribers.

Perhaps it would be best for Apple to at least try and provide an explanation. If there was a glitch, the important thing is that the Apple iCloud service has been fixed and stabilized. Offering no explanation will raise different conclusions, most of which are likely from the negative side of the fence.

Looking ahead, some may become adamant of using the Apple iCloud services seeing access and security could be compromised. The latest row could hamper all that with most opting to avail of the minimum plan and avoid saving their important files for now. It may take time to simmer down but the good news is that the Apple iCloud service is up and running once more.


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