May 13, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

Samsung Galaxy S8 Latest Update: Bloatware Problem Continues To Give Customer Problems, App Disabler Could Help

Apr 25, 2017 05:45 PM EDT

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a fine device to have. It comes in handy and carries impressive aesthetics. But one recurring problem comes from within – referencing to the bloatware problem. Owners have to deal with the presence of these apps which unfortunately cannot be uninstalled.

It should be noted that these unwanted apps don’t really eat much of the Samsung Galaxy S8’s internal memory. Some resources could be affected but at a minimum. The point here is that some mobile phone owners want a clean phone that only shows the apps that they actually use. Some have chosen to ignore them but others prefer to go to the extreme.

Looking through the Google Play Store, there are apps that can do the trick. But the catch is that the best you can do is disable the app and that you have to shell out about $1.50 for it. The app is the BK Package Disabler which can be easily installed on the Samsung Galaxy S8.It adds a new tab (“Bloatware”) where all a user has to do is check the box on the right side to disable the irritating app, Android Authority reported.

The BK Package Disabler will eventually rid the Samsung Galaxy S8 app drawer of unwanted programs. Also, they will stop running in the background, likely improving the device’s performance. The beauty of the disabler is that it gives Samsung Galaxy S8 owners the ability to re-enable them when something goes wrong. So if all that is worth $1.50, you can get one here.

Depending on your region, the Samsung Galaxy S8 should come with about 37 pre-installed apps out of the box. This is actually an improvement considering the Samsung Galaxy S6 had about 50 that doesn’t even include carrier bloat. Disabling them with the help of a paid app could be the best alternative for now, a minor issue which most hope would be addressed in future Samsung flagship phones.

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