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Samsung’s Latest Update: ‘Red Screen’ Smartphone Upgraded For New Generation Smart Features

Apr 25, 2017 05:26 PM EDT

Samsung has been introduced to rapidly progress an update after customers who placed an order the new generation Smartphone appeared that their handsets exhibited a red screen. If the customer does not have any budget limitations, the customer can choose the Galaxy new Smartphone that has an impressive design and display.

According to Mail Online, the new generation of the 'red screen' Smartphone is a vital movement as it attempts to go on from last year's manufacturing withdrawal of the Samsung Galaxy (Note 7) over bursting batteries. The Smartphone (Galaxy S8) exhibited sales in the US, but South Korean customers who pre-ordered Smartphone protested their screens presented as red color.

Samsung denied a hardware problem and kept that customers could modify the color range by using the hands depending on their desires. Samsung told that a software upgrade would fix the issues by permitting them to 'red screen' over a vast range than normal.

Samsung is arranging to roll out an upgrade (software) for its new Galaxy Smartphone with 'red screen' model just days after its release. The Smartphone will give consumers with a further boosted capability to alter the 'red screen' mounting to their taste. The display can be utilized for so much more involving a split display that gives the authority for multi-tasking.

Customers who obtained Samsung new generation Smartphone were less than happy to locate that their handsets exhibited with a red screen. Choose consumers who placed an order the Galaxy Smartphone were the first to obtain their hands on the phone and were rapid to move the alarm about the uncommon fault of the equipment, Wired reported.

Electronics giant Samsung will provide an uncommonly urgent software upgrade. Supporters of Samsung thought they were in for an urgent serve when their Galaxy devices began to appear within this month. But their emotion rapidly moved unpleasant after they discovered that the 'red screen' displayed.

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