May 12, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

Chatbots Won’t Be Able To Replace Humans Soon, Find Out Why

Apr 25, 2017 12:31 PM EDT

Every industry's customer service department has been using chatbots. Interestingly, the use of these chatbots is likely to increase higher in the coming years. For those who aren't aware, the chatbots are autonomous applications that help users to finish task through conversation. Even though 60% of the US adults use online mode of communication such as message, video or voice chat, its widespread usage has become a challenge.

Interestingly, according to Forbes, there are several opinions regarding using chatbots. For instance, Tom de Ruyck of InSites Consulting and Paul Hudson of FlexMR showed how these are capable of processing and capturing a large piece of information. These are done using natural language processing capabilities and rule based logic.

Next, Ross McLean of Over The Shoulder pointed that the chatbots weren't able to empathize with the customer or respondent. Eben though these can mimic human empathy they can't select the nuances of human communication that falls beyond their rule based logic. Due to this reason, the tech experts feel it is necessary to follow certain guidelines.

First of all the experts feels it is important to inform the customers that they are speaking to a chatbot, Venture Beat reported. Along with this, it is also necessary to inform the customers about the drawbacks they would be facing. One of the drawbacks of using chatbots is that customers should know if it would meet their needs. The businesses using chatbot need to be specific about it can do and what it cannot.

Organizations using chatbots should also ensure these know when a customer wants to talk to a live representative. That's not all, it should transfer the call as early as possible and that too seamlessly. The bots come to represent a shift in the area of customer service that would make the support teams become efficient. They are more like a means to an end. The success of customer service should be a mix of AI and human representatives, using both to the best of their abilities.

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