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Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Cracks Easily? Breakability Test Results Revealed

Apr 25, 2017 02:19 AM EDT

The Samsung Galaxy S8 may be dominating the market and surpassing sales of last year's Samsung Galaxy S7. However, recent reports reveal that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is more prone to screen cracks compared to its predecessor.

SquareTrade, a company that sells protection plans said that the Samsung Galaxy S8 features a wraparound screen made of glass which has a higher risk of breakage. And according to the breakability test they have performed, SquareTrade, indicates that the Samsung Galaxy S8's nearly all-glass design is beautiful but is also extremely prone to cracking when dropped at any angle as reported by The Street.

The tests performed by SquareTrade is reported to mimic daily scenarios and found that the Samsung Galaxy S8 scored worse compared to its predecessor. The test includes a "Face Down Drop" that left the Samsung Galaxy S8 with cracks on the screen and small chunks of glass missing from the corners. A "Back Down Drop" that again resulted in cracks on the back of the device.

On the other hand, reports from ABC News claim that the Samsung Galaxy S8 performed well in the "Water Test". This involves submerging the device in five feet of water for an estimated time of 30 minutes. The test left the Samsung Galaxy S8 with only a slight audio muffling but made a full recovery after 30 minutes of being out of the water.

Samsung also has not released any comments yet regarding this issue. And despite recent controversies surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S8, several reports also suggest that Samsung owners still have a positive view of the brand. Reports point out that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is still generating strong sales for Samsung. In line with this, the company is speculating that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will hit a total of 60 million units sales this year which is significantly higher compared to last year.

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