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AMD Vega Specs Update: AMD Demonstrates Vega's Capablity To Handle 8K Graphics At NAB, Releasing This Quarter

Apr 25, 2017 01:02 AM EDT


AMD confirmed to the fans via its official Facebook page that Vega GPU is nearly ready and confirmed that it's coming this quarter. We are already a month into the first quarter of 2017 that means AMD Vega is just around the corner from now. AMD has recently demonstrated its upcoming Vega GPU, showing its ability to handle 4K and 8K graphics during NAB event.

AMD Vega is company's latest graphics microarchitecture which will debut in the company's brand new high-end AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics cards. AMD has also shown off its next-generation Radeon Pro professional graphics card based on the Vega GPU at the NAB show in the Las Vegas.

The company showcased the latest and greatest graphics chip, AMD Vega, smoothly handling 8K video content in Adobe's Premiere Pro CC 2017 video editing suite at the NAB event in Las Vegas. This AMD Vega demonstration represents one of the first in which the company has demoed the capabilities of its latest graphics architecture.

One demonstration has the AMD Vega GPU handling 8K video processing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. The other was focused on 4K post-processing with Radeon Pro Render that renders high-end graphics.

The NAB event is targeted at the TV and film industry, in which 8K is a growing trend currently. AMD has been encouraging the industry to adopt its latest AMD Vega GPUs.

While computer users are still well-established in 4K, the 8K resolution is considered about two to three years away. However, gamers will be among the first to move to 8K, and AMD Vega will be able to handle it. Dell has previously said its 8K monitor works with Polaris-based Radeon WX 7100 GPUs, though the performance isn't that optimal, as per PC World.

AMD has also shared some of the technical details about upcoming AMD Vega. It has HBM2 memory and a new graphics rendering engine that will provide a substantial boost in GPU speed and image quality. AMD Vega is also being tuned for artificial intelligence with the ability to undertake 8-bit floating point operations, critical in machine learning, as reported by WccFtech.

AMD is said to launch its next generation AMD Radeon RX Vega enthusiast graphics cards around Computex between May 30th and June. In February Company has teased AMD Vega in a game preview of Prey, the upcoming Sci-Fi first person shooter from venerable publisher Bethesda. AMD has also revealed that the new title will be optimized for its Ryzen CPUs and Vega GPUs.

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