Apr 21, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

Investigation Reveals Apple Doesn’t Recycle But Destroys iPhone, Mac to Keep Market Value High

Apr 24, 2017 07:27 PM EDT

Apple claims they aim to use new recycling techniques so that one day, the company will provide a new device made of entirely recycled hardware. However, investigation shows the company doesn’t really allow reusing and recycling any of their old devices. They farm out most of their recycling work to third parties with specific orders to destroy all units.

According to Extreme Tech, Apple announces their ambitious goal to produce new devices using recycled materials. It will take a long time before they will get there but they want everybody to know that it is already in the works. And although this option may not be cheaper than using new components, they hope to find new methods to make this process actually cheaper than buying new materials.

Every year, hundreds of millions of smartphones go to landfills all over the world. If Apple is able to do as they say they would, it will provide a good impact to the environment and may even influence other companies to do the same. However, investigation shows the company’s environmental advocacy is far from the truth.

An article published by Vice shows how the company does not recycle the majority of their disposal. The report also states Apple farms out their disposing work to third party firms with specific instructions to destroy all components. The company forbids any form of resale or reuse as everything must be shredded down to particles.

In reality, Apple is said to be only handling a small portion of their materials processing. Their preferred disposal process makes all the materials’ value at a minimum. It is assumed this strategy is to keep the market value of their products high. Just like fashion brands who destroy all product line at the end of the season, Apple prevents their products ending up on the resale market.

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