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Nintendo NES Classic In Stores At Best Buy But For Limited Time Sale Only

Apr 24, 2017 03:31 PM EDT


The overhyped but under-produced Nintendo NES Classic will once again be available for a limited period of time on an in-store basis only. Fans of this surprisingly hit game console can have their one last shot of grabbing a stock of this device at Best Buy stores. Let us find out here for more details.

According to the Verge, Best Buy has announced via Twitter that they will be having a limited-time sale of the Nintendo NES Classic on a first come, first-served basis starting on April 24, 2017. Their New York stores have arranged ticketing process in order to keep an orderly queue as soon as the doors open. After five months from its launch, Nintendo has officially halted production of the original 1985 console. It seems that the company has made final shipments of the device and will be reaching selected stores before the month of April ends. Now is the time to grab the opportunity as there will be slim chances of getting one in the future.

The latest report from the USA Today states that the NES Classic will have limited stocks available and will not have sale via online. Since the sale will be restricted to "one customer, one device" basis only, the ticketing system for those on queue will also serve as a control for the limited amount of stocks available. Due to company policy, Best Buy will not disclose how many stocks of the console are in their inventory.

In addition to this, reports state that Best Buy is also having Classic accessories on discounted sale. The move seems pragmatic as there will be no more of this console to be sold in the near future, it is better to take it out of their inventory as well. The game controller is sported with an HDMI port, 8-bit graphics and 30 pre-installed retro games like Super Mario Brothers and Pac-Man, to name a few.

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