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'Light Of The Mountain' Announced With Unveiled Teaser Trailer, Scheduled To Be Release This Fall

Apr 25, 2017 12:59 AM EDT

Recently, developer SongHouse Games unveiled its upcoming latest game ''Light of the Mountain'' with a recent teaser trailer. The new teaser trailer does not show a lot in terms of gameplay, but it does give gamers a good look at the title's vibrant, bright and colorful world. It was revealed that players additionally hear some voice over narration from what can be thought to be ''Light of the Mountain's'' main character.

"A man by the name of Isaac Elliot is diagnosed to have brain cancer and is given not as much as a month to live. In the wake of choosing to cruise away on his boat, he gets himself stranded on a mysterious island. Alone, Isaac must explore the islands different areas and his own fantasies to open the privileged insights of the mountain" reported PlayStation Trophies.

According to SongHouse, there is no much information for "Light of the Mountain" other than it is scheduled to be launched this fall for the PC and PS4. Notwithstanding, it was made known that if any gamer wants to know more information about the game they may log in to the game's official website to view more screenshots or read more about the developers.

Nevertheless, the SongHouse game developer in its official website stated: "We hope that Light of the Mountain will be a game that gamers will enjoy playing and is a story that stays with them for a long time." However, the main purpose of the game is to explore, Solve puzzles and discover the mysteries of the island.

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