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Samsung Galaxy S8’s Solution For Bloatware Revealed

Apr 24, 2017 04:55 AM EDT

Previously, bloatware on smartphone devices can be a source of disappointment because of some applications that are of less use and just take up storage space. However, Samsung may have changed its attitude towards bloatware with its recent lineup of smartphones. Several reports reveal that the Samsung Galaxy S8 includes a feature that can help manage the issue of bloatware.

The Samsung Galaxy S8, like many other smartphones, comes with a series of Samsung and carrier-specific pre-installed applications. As an example, a 64GB Samsung Galaxy S8 already has around 12GB worth of space already in use upon customers receiving them due to pre-loaded applications. However, as reported by Android Authority, though it may seem as a large bulk of storage capacity, the Samsung Galaxy S8 makes these applications mostly removable.

Being given the ability to remove most of these pre-loaded applications benefit customers greatly for reclaiming previously used storage capacity. Back then, customers barely had the option to uninstall pre-loaded applications and are left with only the disabling option. But times have indeed changed and the Samsung Galaxy S8, fortunately, shares its solution to bloatware to its fans and customers.

Other reports by CNET reveal that users of the Samsung Galaxy S8 are given two options when dealing with bloatware. They can either Uninstall or Disable. To Uninstall an application, long-press on the icon until a popup display opens then tap on "Uninstall". This will remove the application and free up storage as well. When it comes to disabling, use the same method then tap on "Disable".

Unfortunately, this options will not remove the application from the device but it prevents the icon from running in the background. In addition to reports, several applications from Samsung cannot be uninstalled or disabled like the Samsung Connect and Reminders application. On the other hand, applications such as Samsung Health and Samsung Notes are removable.

For carrier-loaded applications, reports also mentioned that T-Mobile had less added on the Samsung Galaxy S8 compared to its competitors. Customers can check carrier-loaded applications by opening the App Drawer and search for the folder with the carrier's name.

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