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‘Fallout Mashup Pack’ Latest Update: ‘Minecraft’ Pocket Edition Helps Familiarize Mobile Gamers, Poses Alternative to ‘Fallout Shelter’

Apr 24, 2017 04:47 AM EDT


“Minecraft” is so flexible that most can use the add-ons to expand the possibilities. The latest add-on for “Minecraft” is the “Fallout Mashup Pack,” content that makes use of Bethesda’s patented “Fallout” game. If offers a “Fallout” post-apocalyptic feel, something pocket gamers are bound to enjoy.

The “Fallout Mashup Pack” adds new flavor to existing and new “Minecraft” gamers, Pocket Gamer reported. It can be treated as an extension of the “Fallout Shelter” series or a means to educate the potential new gamers who want to see why the Bethesda title is a big hit with others.

The “Fallout Mashup Pack” was previously only available to game console users, carrying content based on the post-apocalyptic “Fallout” game. Upon purchase, the “Fallout Mashup Pack” includes textures that transform the traditional worlds into a “Fallout” type of a world.

Other than that, there are other features to look forward to such as the ability to create mobs and mutating animals into the unthinkable, Android Authority reported. There are over 40 character skins available and new music tracks to enhance game play.

For the ones who have played “Fallout” or “Fallout Shelter,” much of this is to be expected. It may level down the display resolution a bit but most probably know the limits that “Minecraft” has to offer. Also, it poses a great way to introduce the Bethesda Softworks hit game to the ones who have yet to experience the post-apocalyptic title. It would not be surprising if gamers eventually decide to download the “Fallout Shelter” app or get the game console game and join the fun.

The “Fallout Mashup Pack” for the “Minecraft” Pocket Edition is available from the Google Play Store for $5.99. Those who have been used to playing the game on different landscapes or themes may want to seriously consider this one. From there, the decision to take up and play the “Fallout” series is up to the mobile gamer.

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