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Microsoft Surface Studio Latest News: New ‘Wake On Voice’ Feature Will Keep Your AIO On Its Feet

Apr 24, 2017 04:45 AM EDT

Microsoft continues to reap the success of the Microsoft Surface Studio AIO and the Redmond company continues to roll out new stuff in the form of drivers. The latest one to hit the market is the “Wake on Voice” feature, one that inadvertently allows users to simply utter some words and get the machine up when it is in sleep states.

The wake-up feature may not necessarily be groundbreaking for computer users, seeing that they can easily do so with the strike of a key. It has been around for a while on machines banking on an Intel Skylake chipset. However, the voice-driven feature should perk up that old practice and maximize the voice command feature that the modern machines carry, the Verge reported.

The new Realtek drivers released for the Microsoft Surface Pro will be tasked to highlight that feature. Microsoft Surface Studio units on standby mode should react to voice commands when on “Modern Standby” mode, a specific mode made enabled on Skylake chipsets and latest CPUs.

The catch is that the Microsoft Surface Studio needs to be running on the latest Windows 10 Creators update to blend in well with the new drivers. From there, users will need to enable the “Wake on Voice” from “Modern Standby” feature which seems pretty basic for anyone to do. Folks who want to get hold of the latest drivers can do so here. Once on the page, the driver bearing Windows Creators Update build 15063 is the one owners need to click and download.

More improvements are expected for the Microsoft Surface Studio AIO moving forward. For those who have gotten one, this voice-command feature should come in handy – particularly for the ones who want to keep the AIO up on its feet. It also preps the device for future innovations such as an anticipated home automation functionality the Redmond company is reportedly whipping up, Digital Trends reported.

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