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'After Ice' Shows What Climate Change Is About To Do To Our World

Apr 23, 2017 07:03 PM EDT


The After Ice app was officially released in the App Store this week in celebration of the Earth Day by a New-York based artist to visualize what is happening to the planet earth. The After Ice app works by simulating user's location in different future scenarios of global ice melt and sea level rise. For example, the App gives users a chance to see the NASA-projected effect of sea level rise in New York City in the 2080s.

Justin Brice Guariglia, one of the After Ice App's developers clarifies that he sees the After Ice App as an approach to show individuals what is going on to the planet, particularly the things we consider irrelevant. The After Ice App enables users to see the NASA climate projection through their smartphone.

However, Guariglia went further to state that "if the earth keeps on warming, and all the ice melts, there will be more than 263 feet of projected sea level rise. As a result of the most recent projections, the sea will rise by more than 6ft (2m) by the 2080s. Global warming is going on, be that as it may, it should not be candidly felt before individuals will need to make a move" reported 9to5mac.

According to Mail Online, the After Ice app cautions of the risks and additionally shares safety tips on what users need to do to maintain a healthy environment and as such stop climate change. For users who wants to know how their city would be affected by climate change, they are to download the After Ice app from the App store and take a picture of their environment.

Moreover, Apple likewise commemorates the Earth Day. The firm reported arrangements to quit mining the earth totally, affirming that 96 percent of its global operations are now powered by renewable energy. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Apple released a number of educational videos recently covering Earth Day subject. Users can download After Ice App for free on the App Store.

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