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Djingo Virtual Assistant News: ‘OK Djingo” To Activate Next Phone; Most Anticipate AI With High Potential

Apr 23, 2017 06:56 PM EDT

European mobile carriers like Orange SA and Deutsche Telekom has decided to enter the overly crowded virtual assistant market with its brand new Djingo AI. This latest robot, later on, has to compete with other robots such as Apple's Siri, Amazon with its Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana, Google with its Google Assistant, and the newly produced Samsung's Bixby.

Djingo AI has been announced at an event in Paris, France, and shown off as an Amazon Echo tube-like speaker. The plan, so far, is to release that virtual assistant as an app on devices as well as using it as a remote control for Orange's set-top TV boxes.

Orange SA CEO, Stephane Richard, states that Djingo AI can respond to voice and text commands. He demonstrates how Djingo playing the requested audio track and sending a tweet. This virtual assistant is also able to make a phone call, send an SMS, and control connected smart home devices.

It's also interesting that Djingo AI is awoken by a simple command 'OK Djingo' keyword, which can be said into the speaker, a microphone-equipped TV remote control like Amazon Fire, or by typing into a phone's app, as reported by 9TO5Mac. It might seem that this brand new virtual assistant isn't that different with the other AI in the market right now, but the wide range of Orange SA and Deutsche Telekom that makes this robot interesting and have a high potential.

According to DigitalTrends, Orange SA is the top mobile operator in France with network connections throughout Europe, the Middle-East, and Africa. This company also has a part in major online firms like music streaming service Deezer, and video site Dailymotion. Deutsche Telekom also operates and backs up networks throughout Europe under the famous network brand in America, T-Mobile. By co-developing Djingo AI with Deutsche Telekom, both corps can fill each other gap regarding the hardware and software.

By combining both power and audiences, these two companies will earn more than hundreds of million dollars, which research estimates that Djingo Ai market could worth at least $16 billion by 2022. With that so much development budget, this virtual assistant surely will have a high potential that might bring this robot one or two levels ahead of other AI. In addition to that, Djingo AI will be compatible with most virtual assistant systems from Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM.

Since Djingo AI is under development, there are no details on how advanced this robot will be. However, fans all know how hard it is for Samsung to get its AI assistant right in the first time, hopefully, the same problem won't be experienced by Djingo AI.

What do you think about Djingo AI? Will it overpower the other virtual assistant in the market like Cortana, Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, or even Bixby? Tell us your opinion about that.

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