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Google Chrome Latest Latest Update: Third-Party Ad-Blocking Apps Days Soon To Be Obliterated

Apr 22, 2017 09:52 PM EDT


For folks who have been doing their harmless everyday browsing, most have probably stumbled across irritating ads that most sites add to their script. Monetization is the initiative but it does affect the viewing experience of most on browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla’s Firefox.

A common practice is to get some third-party ad-blocker to make sure that these annoying ads are controlled. Some have been successful but the fact remains that it is another process that adds to the loading time of browsers like Google Chrome. Add-ons or plug-ins do mean well but most have probably experienced occasional lag or browser hanging, leading most to end the process through the task manager or phone settings.

Google has likely taken not of these issues and the word out is that the search giant company will soon come out with an ad-blocking feature for the Google Chrome browser. There is no official word on when this could come out though it may come soon according to the Wall Street Journal.

From afar, it may not make sense since adding that ad-blocking feature on Google Chrome goes against the company’s revenue initiative. Most know that they also rely on online advertisements so that is a twist in the whole thing. But as pointed out by Android Authority, Google may be using a defensive tactic here and likely placing control over the growing number of third-party ad-blocker apps.

Most of these ad-blockers have tried to weed out money from users so the company could do the same via its improved Google Chrome browser. If so, they could gain control as well on which ads to show and those which should not. Google has yet to weigh in on the plan but it does carry some business sense.

Either way, most hope that this move is geared more on smooth web browsing using the Google Chrome. There is an obvious revenue side but as long as most can surf and avoid the annoying pop-up ads, the change should be welcomed with open arms.


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