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Enhance 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8’s Battery Life By Following Few Simple Procedures

Apr 21, 2017 03:44 PM EDT

Samsung's new release, the Galaxy S8 is an impressive piece, having all the latest features. Here are some software tricks for the Galaxy S8 users that would help them get the most out of the phone's battery life.

The Galaxy S8 boasts of specifications like the iris scanner, AMOLED touch screen, and 3D touch. Also, the 3000 mAh battery handles the massive 5.8-inch quad HD+HDR-ready display quite well. One can make even more out of the battery life using the following tricks:

Disabling Always-On Display Feature:

The AOD feature displays the time and notifications on the lock screen at all times when the phone is locked and resting. However, Trusted Reviews says it can drain up to 25% of the battery life in a day. To disable the AOD, go to Settings> Lock Screen and Security> Always-On Display.

Choose High-Definition for Regular Use:

The phone offers a "High-Performance Mode" or WQHD+ mode for brilliant resolution. However, stepping the screen resolution down to Full High Definition mode for regular work like texting is more sensible as well as power-efficient.

Have a Low Screen Timeout:

Keeping your screen timeout low (to a maximum of 30 seconds) prevents wastage of screen-on time and hence lowers battery drainage. To do so, go to Settings > Display > Screen Timeout

Use Mid and Max Power Saving Modes:

As per CNET, the power saving modes really comes to the rescue when the battery percentage is taking a dip. They restrict background data; minimize vibrations and the Max power saving goes as far as turning the display black-and-white. To manually enable these modes, select Settings > Battery.

Put Certain Apps to Sleep:

The S8 user can manually put battery-hungry apps to sleep. This stops the app from running in the background and pauses the push notifications from the app, saving a lot of battery. To put an app to sleep, long press the app's icon and select Sleep > OK.

Hardware charging devices are always an option. However, these software tweaks are easier to execute and ensure maximum utility of the Samsung Galaxy S8's battery life. Meanwhile, for more updates on Galaxy S8 stay tuned with us!

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