Apr 21, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

Apple CEO Tim Cook Praised Uber Rival Didi Chuxing: Head Jean Liu Expounds On Success

Apr 22, 2017 05:12 AM EDT

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently dubbed Didi Chuxing's President Jean Liu as a "disrupter" for creating a transportation platform which offers millions of commuters their much-needed convenience and flexibility. Cook reportedly praises Didi Chuxing's work on algorithms to improve traffic indicating that it could possibly eliminate traffic jams in the future.

Didi Chuxing is reported to be an application providing transportation services to around 400 million users across China. The company's services include taxi hailing, private car-hailing, hitching (ride-sharing), DiDi Chauffer, DiDi Bus, DiDi Test Drive, DiDi Car Rental and Enterprise Solutions to users via smartphone. Reports reveal that Didi Chuxing utilizes Big Data Operation by which it generates over 70 TB of data, and is processing over 9 billion routing request and produces more than 13 billion location points.

CNET revealed that Didi Chuxing has also been referred to as "China's UBER" as it handles 20 million rides daily. Didi Chuxing's President Jean Liu claims the company's algorithm predicts with 90% accuracy rate. Basing on the bulk of data, users can match their rides while drivers can personalize routes based on their preference. Liu further says that Didi Chuxing, in reality, is not just a ride-share company but a data company.

In line with this, reports from Mac Rumors shared that Apple CEO, Tim Cook penned an excerpt about Didi Chuxing's President Jean Liu for Time's 100 Most Influential People feature. On the article, Cook also tells us about his vision for the company in which Apple invested $ 1 billion on 2016. Cook reportedly states that Liu and her team are astute with innovations along with their big-data algorithm that both of which drive to beef up the app's service and efficiency.

This, in turn, is easing China's issues on traffic, congestion and roadway altercations. Cook ended by saying that with the app's analytical patterns, it may aid the country's traffic jams for good with just an aid of a smartphone.

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