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Samsung Galaxy S8 Survives Torture Test; Watch Extreme Test Here

Apr 20, 2017 08:28 PM EDT

Samsung Galaxy S8 will soon launch in the US and since the phone has been receiving positive reviews, one person puts it into an extreme torture test. JerryRigEverything, a popular YouTuber, got himself a Samsung Galaxy S8 and tested just how durable the smartphone is. The phone underwent severe scratching, burning and bending, yet still passed the test with flying colors.

According to Android Authority, the scratch test shows Samsung Galaxy S8 has equipped a scratch resistance feature that is needed in today’s time. However, the speaker grill is placed on the handset’s top display so it can collect lint after some time. The phone’s back is also made of glass which also protects the flash of the back camera. The team also discovered the ring around the back camera is composed of metal so it can also protect the lens when placed on its rear. Moreover, the fingerprint feature still worked despite enduring severe scratches.

Samsung Galaxy S8 also endured a fire test where the team placed a fire on the phone’s screen. It was only after 30 seconds when the phone’s screen was affected but quickly returned to normal without issues after the test. The test was repeated up to three times which was when the phone finally showed a permanent mark from the fire’s heat.

Lastly, the bending test where Samsung Galaxy S8 will be bent to see how effective its water resistance is. The results didn’t surprise the team as the phone didn’t have any flex issues which means the unit will maintain its resistance to water when facing extreme situations. Overall, JerryRigEverything was impressed with the results as Samsung Galaxy S8 passed all test including burning, bending and scratching, according to Tom's Guide.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is scheduled for release today, April 21, 2017, in US and UK. Buyers who pre-ordered the smartphone, however, will get their devices on April 19, 2017. The smartphone succeeds the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

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