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Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Microsoft Will Likely Introduce Different Product After Delayed Launch

Apr 21, 2017 03:34 AM EDT

Microsoft is preparing to reveal its latest product on its forthcoming Spring Event on May 2 in New York. However, there is information that the event won't release the eagerly awaited Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Rather, the firm may probably present an alternative product that supposedly will beat the Google's Chromebook.

Furthermore, Microsoft will organize the Spring Event this May to highlight the latest gadgets that will be launched by the firm in 2017. Buyers are currently eager to find out the latest technology the Microsoft company may come up with and are anticipating that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to be among the product to be launched.

However, Microsoft seems to be postponing the launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 because of the upgrading with a Kaby Lake processor. It might likewise be an open door for the Microsoft firm to plan more before releasing the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 5, Forbes reported.

It was speculated that Microsoft will launch a completely unique product known as Windows 10 Cloud. The latest gadget will keep running on the new Windows 10 software and may outperform the Google's Chromebook.

According to BGR, the Windows 10 Cloud is the continuation of the Windows RT and as such, has nothing to do with the Cloud. Windows 10 Cloud may keep running on a less expensive hardware, which will bolster update to the Windows 10 Pro. The Windows Cloud is more secure, simple and manageable version of the Windows 10 and will keep running on Unified Windows application (UWP) from the Windows Store.

Microsoft is known to be a multinational innovation firm which supports, develop and license PC software and is currently going into producing high-quality products and services, for example, laptop and desktop computers. Also, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is said to be the most current gadgets on their laptop product range. 

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