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Apple Suppliers Vs Qualcomm Legal Dispute battles over withhold Royalty Payments

Apr 20, 2017 06:03 PM EDT


As Qualcomm checks its earnings for the Q2 2017, the chipmaker company finds out that Apple suppliers are withholding royalty payments. This information is discovered right amid Qualcomm and Apple's legal dispute battles.

Qualcomm and Apple's legal dispute battles are all started from an FTC complaint regarding anticompetitive patent licensing practices, which Apple allegedly accuses Qualcomm engaged in such things. After the FTC filed its complaints, Apple sued Qualcomm, claiming the company of charging unfair royalties for technologies they don't even make.

Qualcomm and Apple's legal dispute battles continue as Apple states that the chipmaker company has charged it five times more in payment than other cellular patent licensors that also uses Qualcomm's chipset. According to MacRumors, the Cupertino tech giant further claims that Qualcomm takes part in forcing its dominance by raising the high patent licensing fees.  

The iPhone's founder company details its lawsuit, saying that Qualcomm's FRAND (fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory) patent commitments to charge customers, including suppliers, the royalty rates as well as its policy to restrict sales to buyers who agree to license its SEPs, are all a practice of monopolistic and price gouging. To solve the court case mentioned above, Apple filed $1 billion against the chipmaker company and this isn't the end of the long Qualcomm and Apple's legal dispute battles, as reported by Apple Insider.  

After being trampled with so many lawsuits, Qualcomm is ready to launch a countersued, continuing Qualcomm and Apple's legal dispute battles. Just earlier this month, Qualcomm raised a court case against Apple, claiming the company breached the contractual agreement by trying to pay less than fair market value to get access to the chipmaker company's standard essential patents and gave fake statements including encourages regulatory attacks on Qualcomm's brand in multiple countries. 

Qualcomm and Apple's legal dispute battles haven't ended yet up until now. Both companies still try to shift the blame to each other, but whatever the root of the problem is, hopefully, both firms can find a middle ground.

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