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‘Overwatch’ Genji’s Ultimate Ability to be Re-Adjusted in the Latest Patch Note Update; Expected Fix to Arrive ‘Soon’

Apr 20, 2017 05:23 PM EDT


Fans who play "Overwatch" should know how powerful Genji is, a ninja character in this title. There is a reason why "Overwatch" Genji's ultimate ability is so strong and that's because of a bug.

The main Designer, Geoff Goodman, has recently adjusted "Overwatch" Genji's ultimate ability. This fix, however, will make players end up with fewer sword swings and therefore has to be re-corrected with another patch note.

Goodman states that he realizes that before the major update, "Overwatch" Genji's ultimate ability allows players to get more swings depending on the latency. This could mean that the higher the latency is more slashes that gamers can get. After the renewal, some players reports that they get fewer attack numbers than they were used to when using "Overwatch" Genji's ultimate ability.

It is explained that the low ping threshold is the reason why gamers can get extra sword slashes (mostly seven or six swings). WWG reported that Goodman acknowledges this problem and comes out with a solution by increasing "Overwatch" Genji's ultimate ability overall speed so that players can get their seventh attack numbers back.

With that being said, Goodman can't promise anything regarding the patch note release date. He states that Blizzard will try its best to deliver the "Overwatch" Genji's ultimate ability fix as soon as it can, Gamingbolt reported.

Once the patch note is applied, gamers will see more balance and less flexibility in "Overwatch" Genji's ultimate ability. Players can be sure that Blizzard won't disappoint its fans.

Check out the video below to see "Overwatch" Genji's ultimate ability, Dragonblade. The PvP Live will give more details on the so-called buff that people have been talking about and how latency of the characters can play a part.  

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