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Apple iPhone 8 Latest Design Schematics Leaked

Apr 20, 2017 01:18 PM EDT


The Cupertino-based company is recently on the technophiles' limelight again after an iPhone 8 design schematic has been leaked and has swirled over the social media sites. This might be a real deal for Apple or not; either way, several comments and reactions have already buzzed over the internet. Let us find out more details regarding the latest iPhone 8 design schematics.

According to  Mac Rumors, another design schematic has one again surfaced over the net after leaker named Sonny Dickinson posted on his Twitter account. This shows an iPhone with a Touch ID located at the rear side of the device. It also shows a vertically-positioned dual-lens camera. Seemingly, this is one of the various iPhone prototypes the tech giant has been testing.

In addition to this, further report suggests that the iPhone 8 prototype will measure 149.5mm in height and 72.5mm in width. While a purported vertically-positioned camera might be Apple's next top-of-the-line iPhone edition, it is not yet verified as to whether the Touch ID will be integrated at the back of the aluminum casing or under the display, or somewhere else. Another whirling speculation is that the circular cutout on the back side might actually be a provision for wireless charging, instead of the fingerprint scanner. BGR reports conveyed that the leaked design schematics appear to be from a Foxconn factory where the latest iPhone 8 will be made.

With regard to multiple prototypes, Bloomberg has mentioned that Apple is testing various designs from the simpler to the ambitious one. These include symmetrical and somewhat curved glass, both on the front and the back. The more dynamic design involves the same semi-curved front and steel frame, but this will come with a glass back with more dramatic curves from top to bottom. The tech giant is checking on simpler design with an aluminum casing instead of the glass one. Furthermore, the company explained that they are testing versions of the phone with the dual-camera system positioned vertically, instead of horizontally like on the iPhone 7 Plus, for more improved and great photos ahead.

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