Apr 21, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

Samsung Galaxy S8 Gets Down With Durability Tests, Results Revealed

Apr 20, 2017 12:08 PM EDT

With the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, customers are naturally anticipating reviews specifically on the device's customary durability test. The test typically involves scratching, bending and burning and the Samsung Galaxy S8 seemed to have passed it with flying colors.

As shown in a YouTube video by JerryRigEverything, the Samsung Galaxy S8's Gorilla Glass 5 gives in at 'Level 6' during the scratch test. This means, coins and car keys will not do any damage on the screen. The back of the Samsung Galaxy S8 appears to be also very durable. The camera flash at the back is also protected by the glass cover, thus, also surviving scratches. This goes similarly with the fingerprint scanner, despite being heavily scratched, it still functions properly.

During the test, it is noticeable that the earpiece of the Samsung Galaxy S8 does not fuse with the screen and is pushed inside a little. This shows that it is likely to collect more dust and dirt. The video also reveals a smaller size earpiece on the Samsung Galaxy S8 compared to that of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The bend test also showed that there were no seals broken and the Samsung Galaxy S8 can take a lot of pressure. Reports indicate that there is almost zero flex to the Samsung Galaxy S8. As for the burn test, normal devices would get a white tinge and does not recover. The Samsung Galaxy S8 remarkably recovers back after 30 seconds. Finally, on the third try however, a burn mark appeared to be noticeable and had stayed on.

Another video from What's Inside reveal that during the test, they cut into the phone and saw the battery expanded and smoked but never did burst into flames. It also showed that despite poking the battery directly with a knife, the Samsung Galaxy S8 did not catastrophically combust.

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