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Apple Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary: iPhone Overhaul In The Works?

Apr 20, 2017 12:23 PM EDT

Ten years ago, the iconic iPhone was introduced by the late visionary, Steve Jobs. This year, Apple Inc is heavily speculated to be gearing up to create its most extensive iPhone line up to date. And as most speculations are surfacing now, its consumers are definitely in for a treat.

Representing two-thirds of sales, the iPhone is Apple's most important product, according to Bloomberg. The iPhone is also reported to be culpable in leading its customers to buy other products such as the iPad and Apple Watch. In 2016, several reports indicate that Apple endured a rare sales slide due to retaining the same iPhone shape for the third year in a row.

Further reports suggest that Apple is gearing up for three iPhones that are to be launched soon. Speculations about upgraded versions of the current iPhone models and a new premium handset with an overhauled look are tipped to be in the works.

In addition, rumors claim that for the redesigned devices, Apple is testing a new screen type, curved glass, stainless steel materials and upgraded cameras. However, there have been reports as well of supply constraints which could mean that the redesigned iPhone models will not be available in a month or two.

On the other hand, Apple is testing a screen that covers the entire front of the device for the speculated premium iPhone. The premium iPhone model is rumored to have a curved OLED screen and a "Function Area" instead of the usual Home button. Apple also aims to include the fingerprint sensor under the OLED, however, some challenges on implementation may push back production schedule.

Other updates from this website also indicate that the premium iPhone model will make use of an organic light-radiating diode display that will accurately show more colors on the screen. Meanwhile, the upgraded iPhone models will stick with the liquid crystal display technology and sport the same 4.7-in and 5.5-inch screens as the previous years' iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Other rumors point out that the premium iPhone may be powered by the iOS 11 operating system. This will include an invigorated UI and is reported to be launched in June. There may be more changes and additions with the Apple iPhone's feature and design plans. However, it is for certain that many will be anticipating the release of these new devices.

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