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Google Maps: Remember Where You Have Been & What You Have Done With Your Timeline On iOS

Apr 20, 2017 04:31 AM EDT

Beginning  Tuesday, Timeline for Google Maps will empower iOS users to see a day by day depiction of events they have gone to. This feature may likewise give users a chance to alter areas if the data is not exact and erase the full history or dates in the event they select.

According to CNET, Timeline users might likewise tweak their exercises and transportation modes, with decisions like cycling, boating, horseback riding and driving. The release of the Timeline for the iOS version of Google Maps came in the similar week when the firm reported its latest investigative component to the other globe-centered apparatus, the Google Earth.

Users may, in addition, get a month to month messages that conclude every spot they have gone to, on the grounds that "occasionally they require something to remind them to halt and enjoy the scenery," Gerrad Sanz, Google Maps product manager stated.

Whilst few may really see it somewhat frightening, Google presents Timeline as a conceivably valuable tool for helping oneself to remember past outings and fun, or for annihilating the guesswork when attempting to review a location or event one attended or a period when one did a specific action.

Google Maps product manager Gerrard Sanz in a post declaring Timeline for iOS clarified: "So in the event that users went to Point Reyes National Seashore a couple days prior, the dates of their past visits will show up on the place card, where they can tap specifically into their Timeline to rediscover the experience, subtle elements of their visits and the dates."

To use the Timeline for Google Maps, users are to click on the upper left menu key and choose it starting from the drop menu or tap the place card for an area or business they have beforehand gone to reported Digital Trend.

The Timeline for Google Maps will likewise give a month to month messages in summary of the urban communities, nations, and spots they have gone to. Nevertheless, in the event that users don't want to be reminded simply because they were too occupied to oversee anything past the everyday activity, they can turn them off by selecting the settings tab and flipping the Timetable messages key.

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