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‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Update: Marshadow Release Details, Special Ho-Oh Distribution Event, 2017 International Challenge April

Apr 19, 2017 10:42 PM EDT


It looks like ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ players are in for a treat in the next four months with the events lined up for the game. This includes Marshadow’s release, Ho-oh event and the 2017 International Challenge for the month of April. The registration for the challenge event has already started and will continue until April 27.

After the registration period of 2017 Internation Challenge April event, battles are scheduled to begin on the 28th until April 30. All registrants will get their hands on Blaxikenite, Sceptilite, and Swampertite Mega Stones and Championship points if their ranking reaches the limit given. These Mega Stones can be used to evolve the starters of Hoenn which will make their Pokemon so much stronger. It is important to note, though, that legendary Pokemon Cosmog, Solgaleo, Cosmoem, Lunala, Necrozma, Magearna, and Zygarde cannot be used in the event, according to 3DS.

Serebii reported that Pokemon Marshadow will be arriving soon in the game, as a tie-up with the much-awaited movie “Pokemon! I Choose You!” Although no exact release date has been given, the report mentioned the Pokemon will be released after the movie releases. Marshadow is a Ghost and Fighting-type Pokemon that is the 802nd Pokemon to be introduced in the game.

As for the Ho-Oh event, CoroCoro has confirmed that the Pokemon will also have an event as a tie-up with the Pokemon movie. “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players can claim their Ho-Oh through a serial code released from the magazine’s August issue. The issue will be out by July 15, the same day when the movie releases. Although no further details were given, fans can expect more information given every now and then.

“Pokemon! I Choose You!” is created in celebration of its 20th anniversary where Ash first met Pikachu and Marshadow, the mythical Pokemon. Together, they will find the location of Ho-Oh and at the same time be the Heroes of the Rainbow.

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